Velvet effect coating paper for display cases and high quality products: GUAFLEX Guarro Casas line

Among the precious Guardo Casas papers we are suppliers of the GUAFLEX line, the leather effect paper used in particular for the lining of high quality cases, displays and bags.

The soft touch effect of Guaflex papers is due to their composition, a long fiber material impregnated with resins and acrylic material. Versatile, resistant and elegant, they are available in such a range of solutions as to satisfy even the most unexpected requests.

In fact, based on the embossing, the range offers different variants, including; GAIA, monochromatic present in 12 different colors; ATLANTIS, monochromatic paper available in 6 different shades; ELEMENTS, monochromatic present in 3 different colors; TASOS, two-tone in six color variants; DUNA, two-tone in six color variants; ALBATROS, two-tone in five colors; STING RAY, two-tone in five different shades; TURTLE, two-tone with tortoiseshell surface available in different shades; VALENCIA, Bicolor with material egfetto in 10 different shades; INTENSE: monochromatic in 13 different shades; INTENSE PACK: monochromatic in 7 different color proposals.