Bamberger Kaliko lacquered upholstery fabrics Dura-bel line

Among the Bamberger coating fabrics, we offer the Dura-Bel line, elegant lacquered coatings, compliant with the German quality standard RAL-RG 495 for the coating of library books, used both in craftsmanship and for industrial processes.

Available in 17 different colors, the coatings of the Dura-bel line guarantee maximum resistance on books, paper products, packaging and high-use products.

They can be treated with hot stamping, embossing, offset printing, screen printing, die cutting, grooving and creasing and like all Bamberger coating fabrics, the Dura-Bel line is also produced without the use of solvents, formaldehyde and has DIN EN ISO 9001 certifications. and 14001.