Bamberger high quality cotton upholstery cloth, Chromo line

Among the Bamberger upholstery fabrics, we offer the Chromo line of 100% high quality cotton. It is a tightly woven canvas that for performance and elegance is considered a HiTech fabric. Bookbinding is the product sector of choice for this Bamberger line, the absolute protagonist in fine bindings and highly appreciated as a coating for luxury packaging.

Available in 10 colors, the fabrics of the Chromo line can be treated with hot stamping, embossing, offset printing, screen printing, die-cutting, grooving, creasing.

Like all Bamberger upholstery fabrics, the Chromo line is also produced without the use of solvents, formaldehyde pvc and cfc and has the DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001 certification.