Magnets and plates for magnetic closures for packaging and paper products

We offer magnets and plates for magnetic closures intended for cases, boxes, packaging and paper products. We have been specialized for over 40 years in materials and accessories for luxury packaging made exclusively with the highest quality materials. The magnetic closures proposed by us, discreet and resistant, guarantee the best performance standards over time, for perfect closures that respect and enhance the design of the package.

Neodymium magnets, galvanized iron counterplates and adhesive plastoferrite magnets 

Available in different sizes and geometries, we offer neodymium magnets combined with iron and boron, to ensure maximum resistance even in the presence of minimal surfaces and galvanized iron counterplates for magnetic closures of cases and boxes. For uses that require particularly flexible magnetic supports, we offer magnets in adhesive plastoferrite. Available in rolls, made up of ferrite powders and plastic polymers, they are highly versatile solutions with which it is possible to create any shape.