Bamberger upholstery fabrics: over 300 cloths for bookbinding and box factories

We offer Bamberger upholstery fabrics, available in Eco-Friendly cotton, rayon and a mix of different cottons. Designed for the coating of books, paper products, packaging and cases, they are fabrics of the highest quality that ensure great technical performance, in terms of resistance and durability, and important aesthetic value. Ideal for high quality finishes.

Available in a wide range of models, with specific features based on the intended use, all Bamberger upholstery fabrics feature

high stability and resistance to adhesives, they do not slip off and do not slip.

They are also produced without the use of solvents, formaldehyde, PVC and CFC and have DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications.

The fabrics of the Bamberger upholstery fabrics

Among the wide range of Bamberg canvases, our availability based on the composition material:

100% COTTON: Buckram, Eurobuckram, Dura-bel®, Record®, Standard, Chromo, Space, Lino® 328, Scharnierstoffe

100% RAYON: Colibri, Duo®, Feincanvas®, Frankonia®, Iris®, Moiré, Printa, Fälzelstoffe